Introducing 2Q,“The Intelligent talkback remote”

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2Q integrates seamlessly with your equipment and controls studio talkback. No wires and no directionality. Place a transmitter wherever you like.

Each transmitter has a unique code memorized by the receiver. A multi-room facility can have a system in each room without interference. And, the system itself adds no interference to studio or stage equipment.

The 2Q system is the first to offer transmitters for multiple users. The system comes standard with two transmitters, but you can add more for large production sessions.

Although the transmitters have a range of over 75 feet, their circuitry uses very little battery energy. Battery changes are few and far between. Typical battery life for a studio with daily recording sessions is over one year.

Plug and Play-
Besides the standard 2Q package, there are systems available that are pre-wired for your specific console or monitor controller. Installation is as quick as plugging the power supply and the remote connector into your equipment.  The short but by no means complete list of manufacturers supported: AMS/Neve, Audient, Avid, API, Behringer, Crane Song, Coleman Audio, Dangerous Music, Grace Design, Great River, Mackie, Neotek, Neve, Presonus, Rupert Neve Designs, Solid State Logic, and Tree Audio.  (Company and equipment names are trademarked by their respective companies)

Once the system is installed it really becomes invisible- there is no directionality, no talkback dropouts, no fighting over a single remote, and no frequent battery changes or charges.







February 2014: Review by Mike Aiton in the February edition of Audio Media
Audio Media page 38

December 2013: Partnership with SOURCE elements Source Talkback plugin
We have a USB interface available for using 2Q with the Source Talkback plugin. The interface
can be used without a 2Q system with the quarter inch connection for a sustain pedal or any
connected switch.

October 2013: Universal power supply available for international users
We now offer a universal voltage power supply with plugs appropriate for worldwide use.


2Q installation demonstration on a Neve Genesys


Source Talkback plugin and 2Q video review by Mike Aiton

What is 2Q?
2Q is a remote control system for activating a recording console talkback circuit.

How does the 2Q system work?
The 2Q system uses small radio transmitters and a receiver. The receiver activates a
switch that connects to a console’s talkback switch. The signal transmission is unique to
each transmitter, and will not interfere with studio or stage equipment.

How does the 2Q receiver connect to my console?
The standard system uses a terminal strip to connect either the “normally open”
or “normally closed” switch contacts to a console. There are also “Plug and Play”
versions of 2Q that are fully tested with pre-assembled cables for specific consoles.

I do not have a console. Can I use 2Q?
Yes. Any monitoring or digital controller with a cue system and a talkback remote
connection can be connected to the 2Q receiver. The console and controller models
currently supported with “Plug and Play” versions are: Dangerous, Crane Song,
Grace Design, Mackie, digidesign, AVID, Presonous, Yamaha, Solid State Logic,
Rupert Neve Designs, AMS/Neve, API, Audient, Tree Audio. Consoles and monitor
controllers without a talkback remote connector can be fitted for 2Q with a usually simple
modification to the equipment. Contact us via our contact form with any specific
equipment questions.

I am completely in the box with no monitoring or cue hardware. Can I use 2Q?
Yes. You have a custom setup and there is a custom solution to your TB needs. The Source Talkback
plugin from Source connect is an elegant plugin based CUE section with talkback. There is a 2Q
plug and play interface available for use with Source Talkback, and we are in frequent contact with
software developers to suggest and test 2Q integration with their products. There are also different
hardware “talkback injection” solutions available from Techshop NY for your specific needs.

Can I have 2Q systems in more than one studio?
Yes. Each transmitter has a unique code that is programmed into the receiver, so for
instance you can have two control rooms near each other, each with a 2Q remote, and
they will not interfere with each other. The transmitters’ low energy efficient outputs
will also not interfere with any studio or stage equipment.

What is the standard 2Q package?
The standard 2Q system comes with the receiver, power supply, and two transmitters.
The “Plug and Play” versions come with the receiver pre-wired for the power supply and
the proper cable made for your equipment.

Why are there two transmitters?
For twice the power! Many recording sessions require input from both a producer and
an engineer, so the 2Q system fits perfectly. No one person is “king of the remote”. If
a studio usually uses only one transmitter, then they have a spare always at the ready.
The 2Q receiver can be programmed for as many as 10 transmitters, and additional
transmitters are available for purchase.

Why 2Q?
Techshop NY developed the 2Q system to satisfy the need for modern studios to have
an affordable, dependable, scalable remote talkback controller. Remote talkback cables
and foot pedals have their specific uses, but the 2Q system takes ergonomics to a new
level. What other remote can support 2 or more users? Put the 2Q in your hand and all
the studio technology disappears. You are free to move and concentrate on your session.
We call it “Talkback at the speed of creativity”.

Where can I get a 2Q system?
2Q is currently available directly from twocue.com and from our dealer redco.com. New
dealer inquiries are welcome, contact us using our sites contact form.


“I LOVE it!”

Bruce Witkin
Unison Music


“Source Talkback and 2Q are a really sexy
little combo of products that will please your clients and your talent to no end”

Mike Aiton, reviewing in Audio Media, February 2014
mikerophonics                                      Audio Media page 38


“For years I have wanted a remote that I can hang around my neck!  2Q is a dream come true.”

Phil Ramone

“I’m thrilled with how much easier it has made my communications and subsequent workflow in the studio. Producers, clients and assistants can talk to the artist or talent on the other side of the glass from anywhere in the room, totally untethered to a console or infrared directional constraints.  Whenever I give one to a client, they seem a little more empowered; they put it around their neck and leave me to to the engineering…as opposed to the typical talkback/engineering dance we have to do, and the constant monitoring of communications.”

Cynthia Daniels
MonkMusic Studio


“The 2Q system has made talkback a simple, trouble-free experience.  Not having to think about where to point a remote is so great! We are very happy with our 2Q systems.”

Roy Hendrickson
Avatar Studios


“The 2Q has expanded the functionality of the talkback in our 80 series Neve, Cranesong Avocet, Dangerous Monitor-ST, and Avid D-command systems in a very elegant way.  More importantly it doubled the remotes in each room, while at the same time eliminated the performance shortcomings of our old remote system.  Because our clients demand the best, the 2Q is the only talkback solution I stand behind.”

Zach Hancock
Downtown Music Studios


“The 2Q talkback system has been a welcome addition to our workflow. It works as advertised with no caveats. Having one less thing to worry about during recording sessions lets me devote more of my energy to the recording.”

Evan Mangiamele
Heard City


“Anyone who works with bands every day will tell you (I know you know this) that the recording gear is almost incidental; you need it… but communication, inspiration and work flow are the essence of the engineering art form.  Positive momentum is the product.  Your system just made my work life and art take a quantum leap.”

Jim Roll
Backseat Productions


“The 2Q systems replaced the talkback remotes in our SSL 9000 consoles. They work fantastic!”

Glenn Swan
Premier Studios


“The 2Q is a simple solution for a simple problem, and it does a fantastic job of it. It may not be in the signal chain, but it’s amazing how much improving communication can improve both people’s moods and their performances.”

Marc Alan Goodman
Strange Weather, excerpted from his review at sonicscoop.com


“The 2Q System is a huge improvement from what we were using. It’s nice to be able to hide the receiver and simply press a remote to activate talkback. No more aiming at anything! Having as many remotes as you need is also a cool feature. We installed them in all our Control Rooms and they work equally well with D-Control, D-Command and Pro Control consoles.”

Joe Franco
Beatstreet Productions


“Engineers have enough to pay attention to in a session, guessing when a producer wants to speak shouldn’t be one of them. What’s great about the 2Q is that everyone in the room can have one – perfect for self-produced bands with multiple producers. We are over getting twisted up in wires, pointing remotes, or running to the console to talk. Communication between the glass is one of the biggest hurdles interrupting the workflow but the 2Q now allows us to keep up with the pace of the session.”

Meredith McCandless
Flux Studios


“It’s a hit!”

Robert Langlois
Studio 270


“2Q’s elegant sleek design enhances the communication experience between the control room and the booth. It provides for smooth interaction between artist and producer and thus a smoother more efficient workflow. In my world that is Gold. It’s a great addition to every studio. We love ours!”

Jim Annunziato
The Vault Studios


“Finally a talk back system that many people can use in the control room. My clients feel special when we hand them the remotes..works great, is great!”

Richie Cannata
Cove City Sound Studios


“Having a wireless TB button is major for me. I got really tired of pushing the button for clients or them reaching over me to push the button.  2Q is the solution.”

Louie Stevens
Studio Alameda


“The 2Q is a perfect talkback solution. It has increased workflow and efficiency at the studio by allowing me to focus on my engineering tasks instead of having to control talkback communication between the client and the producer or vocal coach. Every commercial studio owner should have one. I ordered the plug-and-play version and the 2Q was up and running within minutes of taking it out of the box. The convenience and luxury of this device is truly outstanding. Mike D was an absolute pleasure to deal with and he hit a home run with this product!”

Marc Bauman
House Recording Studios


“The 2Q is, in my opinion, the ONLY talkback remote solution to consider. Easy installation. Reliable operation. Top-notch customer service.”

Steve “Major” Giammaria
Sound Lounge


Standard system-

The standard 2Q system includes two remotes, the receiver, and a power supply.  You connect the power supply and provide the connection to your equipment.

The retail price is $355 plus shipping.

We are currently offering the discounted price of $295 for the standard system.


Plug and Play-

The Plug and Play version is the standard system configured and wired with a cable and connector for your specific equipment.  All you have to do is plug-in the power supply, connect to your equipment, and enjoy.

The retail price is $395 plus shipping.

We are currently offering the discounted price of $335 for the plug and play versions.


Custom configurations are available including a Y-cable for an additional foot pedal or switch, instructions and materials for modifying consoles without talkback remote, and “black box” solutions for any custom need.  We are glad to discuss and design any custom configuration that you might imagine.  Custom builds are priced accordingly.  Please contact us at talkback@twocue.com.


Extra remotes are available for $55.



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